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How to Unstick Piano keys: Repair Sticky Piano keys

Does it happen with you when you are fully involved in the piano tunes, and suddenly a key gets stuck? It is the worst situation. Well, researchers say that due to the humidity and atmosphere, your piano key gets sticky, but there are many reasons too. You need to consult a tuner for repairing the piano keys if they have major issues. There are a few situations wherein you can fix the piano keys at home:

How to Unstick Piano keys

Nature affecting piano keys:

Nature affecting piano keys

Yes, you heard it right, one of the reasons for sticking piano keys is temperature. If there is an excess of humidity at a particular place, then there are higher chances of your keys to stick. Due to wooden build body, humidity, and air both affect the keys. Keep your temperature balanced around the piano or keep the piano in the most suitable room. This is how you can get rid of sticky piano keys. It is the most natural and easy way to unstick piano keys. 

There is no other natural way, but you can always check and play blindly. You need to press the key beside the sticky key for a longer period and leave both the sticky and nonsticky keys at the same time. This Tip is something kinda home remedy. You can try this twice or thrice. Now the reason behind doing this because of the momentum and force of the supporting key. As soon as you release the keys, they create pressure all together and pop up. It doesn’t mean that your key is not sticky. This means that the key is now functioning well but can stick at any time. All you need to do is keep it as dry as you can, and if it still doesn’t work, then there is another method of “How to fix sticky piano keys.”

Be the piano technician yourself at home:

Be the piano technician yourself at home

  • Remove the top lid of the piano with the helo of a screwdriver or a driller. I know these are not the primary tools, but as we are doing the whole fixing process at home. So, I am mentioning all the tools that are readily available at home. 
  • Now, remove the keyboard cover that covers keys and hammers. Lift up the cover slowly and keep it aside. 
  • Identify which keys are sticking and have similar issues. To understand the sticking of keys, keep pressing all the keys four to five times, and give a long press on the keys. Soon you will get to know that how many no. of keys are sticking. 
  • We will work from left to right. The wood on which the keys are dependent is known as the fulcrum. Press down the front part of the key and strike the key with the string. 
  • Slowly and easily remove the keys and make sure you do not mix the keys with one another. You can also mark the keys with sticky notes and mention the names or some identifying marks on them. 
  • Once you remove all the sticking keys, use a vacuum cleaner with medium pressure. Make sure you completely blow out the humidity or water with the help of a vacuum cleaner.  
  • Now when you have cleaned and set the base dry. Fix the keys back as they were. Again you will need to place then with the help of a screwdriver and hammer. 
  • When you place all the keys at the place, do check once if they still stick or not. Now clean the whole section and replace the lid on top of it. 
  • Screw the piano cover back as it was by securing the bolts. And now, you have become a professional piano tuner!

If you are still facing the sticking of keys are any issues, then do not try on your own, ask a piano tuner to help you out. You may also find some adjacent keys that are not supporting. Due to the heat of the moment, you may also break the keys, and by doing this, it becomes even more challenging to find the perfect fitted key.

So this is it. Now when anyone asks you how to unstick piano keys, you have an answer. It is all because of the humidity and the place you keep your piano. Make sure you try with light hands and not force much. I would suggest you to ask a piano tuner to fix sticky piano keys. So, unstick the piano keys and play your heart out. 

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