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How to Cut a Piano Hinge: Cut it Safely

If you are looking for a correct method to cut a piano hinge, then this is the right article. Piano hinges are very useful in increasing the strength and stability of the furniture. It is mostly used for large box doors or windows. These hinges are made up of stainless steel and 240 degrees of an opening angle. 

Because of its shape, the hinge is used maximum in industrial doors and wooden cabinets, steel cabinets, and almost every section of the house. This article is exclusive to make you feel that piano hinges are easy to cut. For that, you need to read the whole cutting process and have a perfect safety kit with you while cutting the hinge. 

How to Cut a Piano Hinge?

Step 1. 

The first tip for cutting a piano hinge is to flatten it or make it straight. Piano Hinge is rough and can cause harm to your dog, small child, and yourself also. Flatten the hinge and fold it from the connecting rods. Make sure it has a round-shaped hinge and not a sharp edge. 

Step 2. 

We need to measure the hinge in totality and decide the certain portion to cut. Prolong the tap till you want to cut the section of the hinge. Mark or lock the place from where you will cut off the hinge. So, ensure the length of the hinge and the portion from where you want to cut it from. 

Step 3. 

This step is all about the markings. From what substances you should mark the portion to cut? You can use a marker (permanent marker) or use a tape. Highlight the measure points this way and then only unlock/remove the tape measure. 

Step 4.  

With the help of a combination square, we will make the edges of the piano correctly done. Place the combination square against the connecting rod and run through the ends of the hinges.  

Step 5.

Align the highest point of the combination square with the most extended end of the hinge. Mark places as we did in step three with the combination square blade. To get the accurate result make sure you mark the places with the blade properly. 

Step 6. 

For the further process, you need to take safety measures like gloves, gears, glasses, professional masks, or face shields. Now what we need is a scribe. Place the scribe from the opposite side of the combination square. To cut it accurately, make sure that the hinge is placed flat and straight. 

Step 7.

While you are cutting the hinge, do take care of your face position and face shield. If you would be looking upwards, you might get hurt. Keep the position of your face slightly lower. Organize an abrasive wheel into a clutch grinder and take care of the safety equipment

Step 8. 

Firmly hold the piano hinge with one hand and clutch grinder with another hand. To make sure that the hinge is being appropriately cut, do mark the grinding wheel and scribe line. The grinding wheel and scribe line should be in alignment and also cross the face of the hinge.

Step 9. 

Now we will start the cutting process. Cut the piano hinge through the markings, which we made through the blade and marker. Sharply cut the extra piano hinge accurately.

Step 10.

Keep cutting the hinge till you get a smooth edge and proper length of the hinge. Continue to use the wheel slowly and as per need. Make sure you don’t cut extra from what you intended.

Step 11. 

Once you are done with the edge cutting session, let the edges cool down and settle for a while. The hinges would be very hot after cutting it due to the abrasion with the metal. So this is how you can cut a piano hinge. 

This is how you can cut a piano hinge super easily at home. What’s important is the cutting technique and proper tools. Accurate pressure and appropriate method can cut the hinge entirely and also installed easily. Just take care while deforming your piano hinge and its slender rods. I hope you have found this article useful and helped you in cutting your piano hinge. 

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