Best Piano Books for Intermediate Players – Top Rated Books of 2019

There are thousands of ways to earn eternal peace. Music is one of those mediums. We have Number of forms in music also but playing Piano is the most beautiful form of art. It has every emotion in it, and you can get bewitched by its melodious tunes. I guess everyone who’s reading this article will surely be a piano lover and wants to get spellbind in it.

Best Piano Books for Intermediate Players

So I have come up with the top 5 books for intermediate players who want to become master in playing Piano. The listed publications are the best ones if anyone wants to learn Piano. They have classical and pop music notes and instructions; not only this, the books provide numerous information and methods to play various genres of music on the Piano. Now let’s have a look at the best piano books for intermediate players:

1. The Giant Book of music

1. The Giant Book of music

Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classic is known to everyone. It has various books for beginners, intermediate players, and masters, as well. Here is a book for intermediate players, “The Giant Book.” This edition is one of the most praised and renowned pieces of art. Let me tell you more about this book:

Key Features:

  • The book is specially written, keeping the Classical composers in mind.
  • It has 269 pieces, which is maximum among every other book listed here. 
  • The pieces are composed of 32 world’s best composers.
  • It is a best seller and the most recommended book all over the globe. 
  • This is the only book that has a 5-star rating among the other products.
  • It is more reliable and has an accurate study of classical music.
  • The assortment of classical music is perfect, and everyone can play with the help of this book.
  • It is the top seller in amazon.
  • This one is the “Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics,” Book no. 2139.
  • These 400 pages of a book are worth buying. Buy-from-Amazon

2. Classics to Moderns for Intermediate Players

2. Classics to Moderns

 Are you in search of self-teaching books that have every bit of knowledge for an intermediate player? Well, your search is over, Classic to Moderns is the one. It contains the standard works of the repertoire. This book has 115 original piano pieces written by most favorite artists. Now let’s know about some more exciting features: 

Key Features:

  • The book is published by the most reputed print music publisher Hal Leonard LLC.
  • It represents the most amazing songs by the greatest songwriters and artists all over the globe. 
  • The book is all about various genres of songs, instrumental, and guidance, 
  • It has instructional titles and easy to remember notes for an intermediate player. 
  • It is the best guide for the music industry.
  • This one is the “Music of MIllion series,” Book no. 37
  • It is an English language book, the standard language for everyone to understand. 
  • The book is well-tuned in for the sight of the readers to understand.
  • It has the best choice of songs and art pieces with an astounding taste.
  • Once you go through this book, you will surely enjoy playing classical music.
  • It has on point notes for classical music and has ample options to look for in it. Buy-from-Amazon

3. Easy Piano Classics

3. Easy Piano Classics

When it comes to learning piano scales and notes, Easy PIano Classics is always the top-rated book amongst all. It is the world’s most beautiful classical music book ever with 97 pieces of art for every intermediate player. So your search for the best guide book is over here. Let me tell you more about this book: 

Key Features:

  • It is the most successful book is also the best seller till date. 
  • It guarantees to master you in paying Piano just like a boss. 
  • It is the sequel of Ronald Herder “Favourite Piano Classics.”
  • You can find your choice of music by the top 36 artists in the world. 
  • Every best composer’s art piece is portrayed with utter ease. 
  • It has various compositions like Solfeggietto; Beethoven, Für Elise; Brahms, Gavotta; and Schumann, The Happy Farmer and much much much more.
  • This collection surely belongs to your music library and has to be considered for playing the best Piano.
  • It offers high-quality notes and instructions. 
  • It has a rich selection of compositions. 
  • It is remarkably low priced and easy to understand. 
  • It is the best resource for an intermediate player.Buy-from-Amazon

4. WunderKeys Intermediate 

4. WunderKeys Intermediate

As the name suggests, this book is undoubtedly a wonder for the intermediate players. It has a brief study of every genre of music. So get ready to rock this world with Pop and Classical music as this book is a treasure for you. Have a look at some more features of it: 

Key Feature:

  • The book is a full package of deep and soothing music learning. 
  • It is jam-packed with a pop-infused piano study for intermediate players. 
  • It is the best companion to reinforce scales and chords. 
  • You can also master your hands on triads.
  • The best part about the book is, it has a brief instruction and note section for left-hand patterns. Isn’t it amazing?
  • You can work out on some specific keys of C Major, A Major, G Major, E Minor, F Major, and D Minor. 
  • You can turn your technical exercises into the most potent pop music.
  • It is a visually engaging book due to its simple explanations and presentation of the work. Buy-from-Amazon

5. John Thompson’s Piano Course for Intermediate Players

5. John Thompson’s Piano Course

Do you want to get mesmerized in the rhythms of melodies? Well, this book by John Thompson will surely indulge you with its best-assorted music collection. It is perfect for an intermediate player. Have a look at the specifications:

Key Features:

  • The best part about the book is that it is re-engraved and updated. This means it has all the necessities that users need in the book. 
  • The book complies with maturity and peace of mind so that you get a clear picture to learn. 
  • This is the right study material for intermediate students. The best part about the book is that it is re-engraved and updated. This means it has all the necessities that users need in the book to learn all the piano skills. 
  • They have a wonderful mix of classical arrangements. 
  • It has all the well-known folk tunes and originals by the top artists.
  • This book is the most reasonable book for every player to learn playing the Piano. 
  • It also provides access to listen to audio tracks online and download them.
  • The perfect blend of variety will make you go crazy to buy this book for sure. Buy-from-Amazon

I told you, these books are phenomenal, and I also understand that now you’ll be confused. Are you thinking of buying each book? Yea might be, as these are handy and pocket-friendly. But when it comes to choosing a single book, then I will select Classics to Moderns. The book is so beautifully expressed and has a touch of every top artist. So for me, I will have Classic to Moderns. If you want a very reasonable book, then John Thompson’s piano course book is the perfect one. And if you believe in brands or goodwill, then I must say The Giant Book of Music is the one. It is renowned and top-rated. Anyways you can choose your best fit and play the Piano.  

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