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How to Dismantle a Piano?- Follow This Steps for Disassembling

The primary issue while shifting to a new place is moving your piano. Are you also struggling to figure out how to do it? The answer is to dismantle it and then shift it. Generally, the pianos can’t be relocated even from the basement to the rooms due to their large size. Dismantling or taking the piano apart is the way to shift the piano and assemble it again.

How to Dismantle a Piano?

In this article, I am going to share the entire procedure for taking the piano apart step-by-step. Also, I will also include some tips that will be helpful to you to dismantle the keyboard with ease. We are going to see the procedure for disassembling the upright pianos in this blog as it is the most common type of piano people own.

  • Lift the lid of the piano after unscrewing all the lid hinge pins. Remove the parts of the piano that are removable by hand first. Get help from your friends or the family as it might be heavy to lift.

dismantle a piano

  • Once you get rid of the lid, now it’s the time to remove the desk of the piano. In many pianos, the desk is not easy to remove. For removing it unscrew all the screws first that are holding the desk. Slide the desk out and keep it aside.

remove the desk

Tip: Make sure you keep all the pins and screws properly, as you will need these while assembling the piano. You can take a box and keep all the pins safe in it.

  • The next thing to be removed is the key cover. Get rid of all the screws that are holding the key cover and the two ends of the piano. Once you take all the screws out, keep the key cover aside with the desk and the lid.

removed is the key cover

  • Now it’s the time to get the key bed out, make sure to remove all the screws and clamps. Once the key bed is out, keep it aside.

remove all the screws

  • Lift all the keys patiently by releasing the hammer assembly. Be very careful with step and do not forcefully try to remove it. Look if any screws or clamps are holding the keys back. Remove all the screws or bolts so that the entire thing comes out easily.
  • When all the keys come out to make sure to remove all the other big things that are near it. Remove all the screws and pins that are preventing you from accessing the harp.
  • Now at this stage, there are only two things that are to be removed – the frame in the piano and the harp.
  • The harp has all the piano strings so be extremely patient with removing it. Do not try and pull strings apart with force. Loosen the strings first and then carefully remove it.

Tip: Keep something soft such as pillow against the front of the strings while you are plucking the strings. Make sure you do it gently or else the wire strings can fly across the room and hurt anyone.

  • The final step is to remove the harp and the rear sound bar after removing all the crews and bolts. Voila, you have successfully dismantled the piano.

So this the procedure by which you can take apart your piano. If the desk is glued, take the help of a hammer to take it out. Remove the parts of the piano one by one instead of being all over the place if you find something too heavy to hold take help from others. In case you find it difficult to dismantle the piano ask help from a professional. I hope this article helps you in disassembling the piano easily and quickly.

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