Best Piano Tuning Kit – Top Reviewed Professional Piano Tuner of 2019

There are a lot of people who are looking out for some professionals to tune their pianos. But what if I tell you then you that now you can optimize your piano at home without going out to seek professional help? Yes, you read it right there are piano tuning kits available in the market quickly. The kits usually come with a manual having instructions to follow for tuning your piano. These instructions are easy to follow and hardly take up a lot of time.

The piano tuner kit should consist of the necessary tools that are required for tuning your piano. These tools are piano tuning hammer, rubber mutes, temperament mute strip, tuning fork, etc. There are many options of the kits available in the market that have all these tools. To make it easy for you to decide which piano tuning kit to buy, I have listed the options for the tuning kits that are best in quality and are in affordable range. This kit can be used by professionals, students as well as the beginners.

Best Piano Tuning Kit

1. MiriamSong Professional Piano Tuning Kit

MiriamSong Professional Piano Tuning Kit

Miriam piano tuning kit is the best seller in the piano tuner kits with the positive reviews by all its customers. The kit consists of one lever wrench hammer or a key with star head, three rubber wedge mute, one rubber mute, one mute clamp and one temperament strip .the kit is of high quality and in the affordable range. The tools are handy, and the mutes are specifically designed to fit the right sections.

Key features

  • The hammer is of high quality, and the is of size #2 that is most commonly used.
  • The kit comes with a case to keep all the tools in one place.
  • Its star-shaped tip is designed to fit several designs and provide flexibility while tuning the piano. It also has a wooden handle to make it comfortable for use.
  • It has a firm handle to maintain the control when you are tuning your piano.


2. Ecloud Piano Tuning Kit

Ecloud Piano Tuning Kit

The Ecloud piano tuning kit is the piano tuner kit that can be used by the professionals as well as the people who have just started playing piano and are beginners. The kit has a one tuning hammer, two mutes with handles, two mutes, one temperament strip along with a bag to keep all the tools in one place. The color of the bag is randomly selected.

Key features

  • The kit has an L shape tuning hammer with a star tip which is easy to use or tuning the piano.
  • The kit has all the necessary tools that help you in properly tuning the piano.
  • There are rubber mutes for muting the sections.
  • The handle of the hammer is made up of wooden that is easy to hold and comfortable to use.
  • The temperament strip in the kit can be used to mute off the outside strings so that one string can be tuned at a time.


3. Schaff Piano Tuning Kit

Schaff Piano Tuning Kit

The tools of this piano tuning kit are manufactured in the USA and are of premium quality. The kit has a professional tuning hammer with a star tip, temperament mute strip, rubber mutes with handles. The star tip is designed such that it fits all the tuning pins with square heads. The piano tuning hammer comes with an interchangeable one-piece head and tip.

Key features

  • The kit comes with the instructions to help you in tuning your piano correctly at home.
  • The kit has a professional tuning hammer with a wooden handle.
  • It is an ideal piano tuning kit for students, apprentices or anyone who has started learning piano.
  • The kit is of high quality, rugged and durable. The kit will last longer than regular piano tuning kits.


4. Luvay Piano Tuning Kit Tools

Luvay Piano Tuning Kit Tools

This piano tuning kit has all the required tools for tuning the piano. It consists of rubber wedge mutes, tone tuning fork, temperament strip mute, mute clamp, etc. It has a total of 10 tools in the kit along with a bag to keep all the tools in one place safely. Due to its versatility, it is rated as the customers choice product in the piano tuning kit.

Key features

  • The kit has a high-quality mute clamp along with a rubber mute with a handle that works nicely on the right sections.
  • It also has a one felt mute that is specially designed for the left section of the piano.
  • It has a tuning hammer with a star-shaped tip and a wooden handle.
  • The temperament strip should be used to mute all the outside strings of a section at one such that only one string from a section vibrates at once.


5. Miriam Song Piano Tuning Kit

Miriam Song Piano Tuning Kit

This piano tuning kit includes one lever wrench hammer, three rubber wedge mutes, one mute clamp a temperament strip. The kit also comes with a case that helps in keeping all the tools together. The hammer has a star-shaped socket fits at several angles for increasing its flexibility. The handle of the hammer is firm and helps in controlling at the time of tuning.

Key features

  • This kit has the tools of excellent quality, and it also helps in saving time as well as money in tuning your piano.
  • It has a one quality wool felt mute for the left section which makes it different from all other kits available in the market.
  • There are four mute wedges in the kit for easily muting the strings of the section.
  • The hammer of this kit fits almost all pianos making it easy to use to tune every type of piano.


6. CUGLB Professional Piano Tuner Kit CUGLB Professional Piano Tuner Kit 

If you are particularly searching for a professional piano tuning kit, then you can consider this alternative. The kit consists of all the essential tools and materials required for tuning the piano. It contains one tunning hammer wrench, a temperament stip, two mutes with handles, other additional mutes, and a storage bag to keep all the tools in one place. The temperament strap in this kit is quite extended in length and convenient to use. All the mutes are made using natural rubber and are tapered aptly to help you with muting the section appropriately. 

Key features:

  • This kit is suitable for everyone right from students, beginners to trainers and teachers.
  • The tuning wrench in this kit is made from stainless steel and a wooden handle that is portable and easy to use.
  • All the tools in this tuning kit are durable and top-notch quality to ensure this kit’s longevity.
  • One can easily use this kit to tune their piano by themselves without consulting a professional or seeking help from anyone.
  • This piano tuning kit comes with 24*7 customer support and a manufacturer’s warranty if you face any problems using this kit. 


7. UMsky Professional Piano Tuning KitUMsky Professional Piano Tuning Kit

Another excellent option that you can consider for investing in a good professional piano tuning kit is this one from UMsky. The kit contains a wrench, temperament strip, rubber wedge mutes, double-ended damper, damper stick, awl, hammer, tone tuning fork, rubber stop fork, rubber stop stick, stop sound belt, a velvet bag, and carrying case. As the kit contains several tools, everybody right from beginners to professionals can use this kit to tune their pianos at home. The tools are durable and easy to use. Although the price point for this particular option is higher, it is great value for money.

Key features:

  • All the tools required for tuning the piano are included in the kit, so you don’t have to go anywhere else for tuning your piano.
  • There are two options available for this kit, the first kit has eleven tools, and the second one has sixteen tools for tuning your piano.
  • The tools are made using reliable materials such as stainless steel and wood to help you tune the piano with ease.
  • As it comes with a portable storage bag, one can easily carry all these tools with them anywhere.
  • This piano tuning kut comes with a 60-day exchange and money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the kit. 


All these tuning kits are available readily in the market. While making this list, I kept a lot of factors in mind such as the tools in the kit, quality of the kit and the price of the kit, the kits are mentioned above have all the tools that are handy to tune the piano. The kits are of premium quality and can be used by students and beginners as well to tune the pianos. I hope this article helps you in finding the best piano tuning kit that fits into your budget and criteria.

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