Is Playing Piano Good for Your Brain? Know What’s Experts Say

Tired of living a monotonous life where you get up to eat, work, binge-watch, sleep, and start over. Break the monotony of your life by adopting a hobby. Apart from sports or gym that makes you stronger from inside, it would be best to do something that challenges your brain and makes you happy. Learning a musical instrument is always a great option, especially if you are going for piano classes. This instrument is one of the most basic musical instruments to learn. Not only learning piano will boost morale, but it’s also great for your overall mental health. Here are some of the reasons why you should learn to play the piano.

Is Playing Piano Good for Your Brain

Seven Benefits of Playing Piano

Benefits of Playing Piano

1. Improves Concentration: The most challenging part is to focus on one task and to take hold of your thoughts while performing the task. When you learn to play the piano, you must use both hands while your eyes have to remain glued to the sheets and ears, hearing the tunes. All this multitasking requires concentration, which gets enhanced while playing the piano.

2. Stress Reliever: Music is said to be the best stress reliever for anyone. Even if you are stressed, hearing a beautiful track can boost up your mood. Piano music is milder compared to other musical instruments with sharper noise. Playing the piano can calm your senses, fills you with positivity, and reduces blood pressure. It also helps you release the bottled up emotions making you feel hopeful and calm.

3. Strengthen Hands: If you know, while playing the piano, you are required to sit in a proper posture and play the instrument correctly. Your brain is also engaged to send signals to fingers to press the correct key in a specific format. All this sounds simple, but playing the piano is an excellent exercise for fingers, arms, shoulder, and back.

4. Learning a Language: Music notes are all together a new language you need to learn and remember while playing the piano. Every music or song gets noted in the form of notations that you need to follow while playing the piano. It’s a great way to tame your brain to learn a new language and understand the music pattern.

5. Mellow Down the Ego: Sometimes, we tend to become arrogant as we achieve success in our life. With experience, we tend to become experts in specific fields and often display haughtiness towards relatively new peers. Learning piano will lower down your ego and help you accept criticism in the right way. This way, you will be open to learning new things in life even when you are an expert.

6. Brings Out Creative Side: While our life has become more comfortable with gadgets, applications, we are slowly losing the creative aspect of our life. Instead of following the social trend, doing what celebrities are doing, take out time to learn something new. The piano is a great way to bring out the creativity, which has remained under the wrap of all the gadget clutter. Once you learn the basics of playing the piano, you will slowly get the confidence to play new tunes and even make a new one all by yourself.

7. Increase Growth Hormones: There is also a scientific theory that verifies the advantages of playing the piano. We are all born with Human Growth Hormones, which tends to alter as we grow old. The hormones control our energy level and learning capacity. When you are engaged in a creative activity like playing an instrument, these growth hormones get a boost, which reduces depression, pain, and mood swings. Also, the piano makes your brain all charged up to help you learn new things every day.

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