Casio Lk 280 vs. Yamaha EZ 220: Know all about the best keyboards

Casio LK 280 and Yamaha EZ 220 are two light pianos for the beginners and are designed to help those who are just planning their first steps to play the piano. Considering their features and competitive prices, it is easy to get in Casio Lk 280 vs. Yamaha EZ 220. It cannot be confusing to choose between both of them. In this article, we have mentioned the Casio LK 280 review and Yamaha EZ 220 review to benefit you and help you! Let’s find out which one is best for you! 

Casio Lk 280 vs. Yamaha EZ 220

1. Casio LK 280Casio LK 280

The Casio LK-280 has sensitive keys, and they are lighted. Moreover, the keys come with 2-layer responsiveness, allowing the consumers to choose their keyboard’s responsiveness as per their preference. 

However, the design of it is simple and compact and has multiple well-labeled controls and buttons. Moreover, the LCD makes it easier to navigate through the different setting options. The users can freely connect with external audio sources, microphones, headphones, and keyboards via connective ports.

Another unique characteristic is the Karaoke mode that allows you to play favorite songs stored in the SD card. All you have to do is connect the microphone and enjoy a night filled with music and friends. The onboard recorder allows the user to record five songs and listen to them anytime in the future. 

If you are a beginner, don’t be worried because it offers various learning lessons. Each practice song has been divided into smaller phases so that beginners can learn from scratch. Shorter phrases, when paired with a lighted key feature, can make it a pro keyboard. 


  • It has onboard speakers.
  • It has an onboard recording feature.
  • It comes with a headphone jack, additional audio input, and microphone input.
  • It has 61 touch-sensitive keys.
  • It has 600 present sounds.
  • It has a step-up lesson system.
  • It comes with 50 built-in songs.
  • It has a large LCD. 
  • It offers MIDI and USB connectivity. 
  • It has light-up keys. 


  • Its keys are made up of plastic.
  • The LCD is without backlight.
  • The keys are not weighted.
  • There are too many controls, and they can confuse the users. 

2.Yamaha EZ-220Yamaha EZ-220

The Yamaha EZ-220 comes with 61 touch-sensitive keys that will enhance your piano playing experience, which will nearly give you the acoustic piano experience. The keys light-up feature that light-up keys that when you press song will start playing. When it comes to design, it is portable, simple, and compact. It is highly lightweight and weighs only about 10 pounds, and you can carry it around conveniently. 

To offer the best, it is equipped with a superior AWM stereo sampling sound engine and exclusive filtering technology that is capable of producing excellent quality of sound. Also, it has 392 preset sounds, 100 rhythm styles, 32 note polyphony. Additionally, it offers 100 accompaniment styles, nine types of reverb, and even better sound quality.

It comes with many helpful mobile apps that make sure that you have enjoyable piano learning. These apps include visual performers; it displays velocity and pitch of the songs, note stars that add useful interactive capabilities to the sheet music and makes it fun to learn. 

It is equipped with USB connectivity and comes with separate ports suitable for connecting headphones and sustain pedals. It is considered as one of the best beginner-level keyboards for all the right reasons. It offers 100 present songs in its library, allowing you to pick from various options. It comes with a built-in Yamaha EZ-220 covering all the aspects of learning, which aids the beginner to play the piano like a pro.


  • It comes with USB connectivity. 
  • It has 100 built-in songs.
  • It has 392 present sounds.
  • It comes with 100 rhythm styles.
  • It is lightweight and easily portable.
  • It has a headphone jack.
  • It is compatible with many and useful piano learning apps.
  • It has a Yamaha educational suite.
  • It is 61 and has touch-sensitive keys.
  • It has a light-up key feature. 
  • It has AWM stereo sampling. 


  • The apps are only available on IOS.
  • The keys are not weighted.
  • It isn’t compatible with MIDI. 

The Bottom Line

The significant difference between both of them lies in their keyboard. Both of them have 61 touch-sensitive keys. The Casio LK-280 has 2-layer responsiveness, which allows the user to navigate between two sensitive levels as per your preference. 

Whereas the Yamaha EZ-220 has single layer responsiveness, that means you will not get to touch the sensitivity levels. 

In our opinion, the battle between Casio LK 280 vs. Yamaha EZ 220 has been very competitive. Casio LK-280, however, has managed to steal the limelight and is our top pick. It has additional sounds, rhythms, polyphony, and unique features. 

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