Piano vs Violin – Choose the best Musical Instrument

Music! What a wonderful thing it is! It fills our hearts with joy and peace, providing solace even in tough situations. Music is so amazing that the composer and the listener, both enjoy immense happiness!

Piano vs Violin

To amplify this happiness, mankind has created multiple different musical instruments, each of them capable of transforming us into another world altogether. Two such instruments are the piano and the violin. If you are looking to start learning music you are probably struggling between these two and wondering which one is the right fit. While each has its merits, let’s compare them to decide which one you should begin with.

Violins are harder to master

Both musical instruments need a lot of time to master and play seamlessly, but when you compare them, you will note that violins need much more time, patience, and creativity. Even something as simple as the angle at which you hold the violin determines how well you play it. You should also develop a keen listening ear early on to tune the violin perfectly. Otherwise, you may end up breaking the string or creating noise instead of music.

Pianos, on the other hand, are simpler but please note that we are by no means suggesting that learning how to play the piano is easy. It is tough as well, but you don’t need to worry about tuning it. They are tuned by default. However, dexterity is of prime importance to become a fluid pianist.

Violins are portable

violinIf you travel once in a while, it won’t matter which instrument you purchase, but if you are a frequent traveler and plan on carrying your musical instrument with you, you may face trouble with your piano. Violins are quite portable but traveling with pianos can be quite difficult.

Having said that, you should also know that violins are delicate musical instruments. They are small and fragile with small parts that are susceptible to damage. So, even though they are portable, you must be extra careful with your violin at all times.

Pianos are more versatile

PianoIn purely musical terms, pianos give you more versatility, enabling you to explore your musical prowess. From rich notes to single notes, you can do so much with this wonderful musical instrument! To achieve the same versatility with a violin, you will need a lot of patience and years of practice. Even then, you may feel restricted with some notes because a violin cannot match a piano’s versatility.

Violins are high maintenance

From tuning to regularly cleaning to bridge adjustments, there’s a lot that violins ask for. Pianos, on the other hand, will do with routine cleaning. So, even though violins are cheaper than pianos, they can get expensive over time. This is something you may want to consider while making your purchase.

Which one to choose?

hqdefaultTo be honest, it all depends on which instrument you like the best. Some prefer pianos while others prefer violins just because of the way they sound. So, it is a personal choice, really. The only thing you should remember is that this is a long commitment. Focus, practice, and play regularly to master the instrument. Otherwise, within a month, you will see your piano or violin rot in the corner of your room.

Think wisely and choose the instrument you love. All the best!

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